There are stories that can't be read or told…

The only way to experience them is to smell them. A lineage through time and place. Offering you a unique language. To share how you feel. To empower you.

This language is written in powerful ancient characters. The smell of these signs is derived from their meaning: the strength of an ox, the cosiness of home, the thrill of the hunt. GLYPHS perfumes makes it possible to write your story in this language. Because you already know these signs: you are using them right now. A letter is so much more than just something you can read...

Discover the scent of the alphabet. And write your story with GLYPHS perfumes.


"The best thing would be that the entire perfume spectrum is processed in the GLYPHS alphabet. I can hardly wait!" Erik Zwaga

"All three perfumes are on the quiet side, although they certainly don't lack tenacity! It’s not often that such projects comes along in the perfume world" Persolaise